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Welcome to Quicksilver Boats - where you'll find the perfect boat whether your focus is fishing, cruising, family fun or even if you're an absolute beginner.

The Quicksilver range has always perfectly blended fun and style with practicality and safety. The evolving range builds on this strength an even greater line-up of boats with style and innovative use of space made possible by the best in class length to beam ratio. This is further heightened by the deep V hull design creating a form that cuts through water efficiently and comfortably.

The Quicksilver Activ series includes boats for families, friends and couples that give you freedom on the water, the freedom of fun and the freedom to be spontaneous. It's about fluid yet solid forms with soft lines and sharp, cut-through shaped creating a dynamic, sporty tension that says it's playtime. Yet everything us underpinned by safety, comfort and versatility so you can fish, water ski or just soak up the sun with complete peace of mind.

The Quicksilver Captur Pilothouse series gives you the freedom of the water, the freedom to fish and the freedom to be spontaneous. Perfect for friends and serious fishermen - they offer everything you could need and more. From day trippers to overnighters, these boats let you seek out life rather than just let it happen. Boats with all the power, comfort and practicality to get you out there. Life is more fun when you remove the obstacles. Seize the moment!

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  • Quicksilver Captur Pilothouse

    Quicksilver Captur Pilothouse

    Quicksilver's new generation Pilothouse boats will take you out to the fish quickly and safely. The Captur Pilothouse range comprises the new generation 555 Pilothouse, 605 Pilothouse, 675 Pilothouse, 755 Pilothouse and the flagship 905 Pilothouse. These are perfect boats for fishermen, friends and families: the renowned Pilothouse reputation offers everything for the fisherman who wants a bit of extra comfort for the family, backed up by spacious layouts and a wealth of optional extras.

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  • Arvor

    Quicksilver Arvor

    The Quicksilver Arvor range is designed for fishing, coupled with plenty of comfort to take family and friends out for a day afloat and even for longer-range weekend trips. Their diesel shaft-drive engines give excellent fuel economy for cruising or fishing further afield. Arvor boats are fitted with a high level of standard equipment, keeping the options list short and simple. Choose from four models, from 6.90m up to 8.55m.

    More Details on the Arvor Range
  • Quicksilver Activ Open

    Quicksilver Activ Open

    The Activ Open series are fun, family-orientated boats designed so you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of being on the water. The range comprises the new Activ 455 Open and Activ 505 Open, Activ 555 Open, Activ 605 Open, the European Powerboat of the Year Activ 675 Open, new Activ 755 Open, with the range topped by the new Activ 805 Open and 805 Pro Fish. All are versatile family boats capable of being used for everything from waterskiing to sport fishing.

    More Details on the Quicksilver Activ Open Range
  • Quicksilver Activ Sundeck

    Quicksilver Activ Sundeck

    The Actic Sundeck series are designed for you to enjoy great days afloat, with a cabin under the spacious sundeck to give the option of overnighting or sheltering if the sun goes in. The range comprises the Activ 605 Sundeck, the European Powerboat of the Year Activ 675 Sundeck, new Activ 755 Sundeck, with the range topped by the new Activ 805 Sundeck.

    More Details on the Quicksilver Activ Sundeck Range
  • Quicksilver Activ Cabin

    Quicksilver Activ Cabin

    Quicksilver's new Activ Cabin series boats are designed for the simple pleasures in life: taking a trip to harbour or bay, enjoying being there and enabling you to enjoy the night afloat. New for 2016 are the Quicksilver Activ 455 Cabin and Activ 505 Cabin, featuring modern styling and an emphasis on convenient design and safety features. The range-topping Activ 555 Cabin is a perfect all-rounder, with space and versatility for weekends away.

    More Details on the Quicksilver Activ Cabin Range
  • Quicksilver Activ Cruiser

    Quicksilver Activ Cruiser

    The Activ Cruiser series boats redefine their category: they're designed for families, friends and couples to give you freedom on the water, the freedom of fun and the freedom to be spontaneous. The range includes the stylish Activ 595 Cruiser, the Motorboat of the Year Activ 645 Cruiser and the new Activ 805 Cruiser. They are perfect for weekends away, cruising and enjoying the world afloat - yet still with a turn of speed for water-skiing if you want it.

    More Details on the Quicksilver Activ Cruiser Range
  • Quicksilver Activ Weekend

    Quicksilver Activ Weekend

    The Quicksilver Weekend range are ideal, elegant cruisers for weekends (and longer!) away. They are built on the cornerstones of safety, comfort, style and power. The Activ 755 Weekend is new for 2016 and joins the Activ 855 Weekend. Both are spacious weekend cruisers available with either inboard diesel or outboard power. They feature head-turning design with a striking black hull accent, while the interior is designed for spacious comfort and convenience.

    More Details on the Quicksilver Activ Weekend Range
  • Quicksilver Captur Fish

    Quicksilver Captur Fish

    The Quicksilver Fish series boats do exactly what you'd expect: they're open fishing boats with plenty of deck space and the performance you need to get out and back quickly. The 500 Fish is a Scandinavian-influenced pure fishing boat with an optional cuddy. The 440 Fish and 410 Fish can both be supplied with a remote steering console or for tiller steering, yet are still light enough for you to use a pair of oars.

    Quicksilver Captur Fish


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